Mexican Tortas

All tortas served on City Bakery Pan Frances roll with a side of house-cut fries.

House-made frijoles colados available on sandwich upon request.
Half or Full Sandwich

The “OG T”
7.50 / 13.00

grilled steak, jack cheese, tomato, smashed avocado, lettuce, guajillo chile honey mayo

Pollo Albondigas
6.25 / 10.50

house-made chicken meatballs, chipotle tomato sauce, mojo de ajo braised spinach, queso fresco

Pollo Chimichurri
6.50 / 10.95

grilled chicken breast, Mexican chimichurri, jack cheese, lemon wilted spinach, tomato, avocado

6.50 / 11.00

fried shrimp, tomatoes, smashed avocado, roasted poblano tartar, lettuce

6.50 / 10.95

salsa verde stuffed pork loin, tomato, dressed arugula, mojo de ajo aioli (only 20 made per day)

El Niño

This torta is just for the KIDS! Griddled ham, Monterey jack cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce; pressed half-sandwich

Tacos at Poco!

Carne Asada

Citrus-marinated skirt steak, avocado, diced onion and cilantro, cotija cheese, lime   3.75

Queso a la Plancha

Griddled cotija cheese, avocado, roasted tomatillo salsa, lime   3.25


Crispy roasted pork, pickled red onions, avocado crema 3.50



Churro  $3

Brownies  $4


Horchata  $3

Agua Fresca  $3


Guacamole $1
Devil Sauce $1
Frijoles colados w/queso fresco $2


Sometimes it’s nice to know what the hell we’re talking about…
here’s a quick guide.


a griddled Mexican sandwich

Pan Frances

crusty French bread with a soft interior

Frijoles colados

smashed, seasoned pinto beans

We’re in between homes!

Our year long stint at Avanti Food & Beverage has been a success! We’re focusing on a number of things right now, including finding a permanent location for our mouthwatering tortas. Drop us a line if you have any suggestions for where you’d like to see us!